Twin Cities eBooks

A. Library eBooks

The Twin Cites libraries offer a large collection of free eBooks. Here are some links to help you based on your library system.

1. Ramsey County Library

Link to eBook Resources

Here’s a video tutorial

If you can’t remember your Library Pin, you may be able to get help with Ask A Librarian here

2. Hennepin County Library

When you click on the link below, scroll down to Online Resources and click  eBooks and Downloads.

Hennepin County Library doesn’t have its own video tutorials but these videos from another library system can help and

If you can’t remembe your Library Pin, you can ask staff using the chat feature here or by calling 612-543-5669.

3. St. Paul Public Library

Here’s a link to eBook resources

Here are video tutorials for eBooks and

If you can’t remember your Library Pin, call 651-266-7000 and Library Staff will reset the Pin for you.

B. Public Domain

There are many free eBooks available in the Public Domain. These eBooks do not have copyrights and can be legally shared and downloaded for free. Project Gutenberg is a great resource for these eBooks. Here’s the link to Project Gutenberg

eBooks from Project Gutenberg can be viewed on your Desktop or Laptop computer. Perhaps a more convenient way to view these eBooks would be to read them on your smart device like the iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, or Kindle eReader. Here’s a link to help with that:

There are so many eBooks on Project Gutenberg that it can feel overwhelming to browse their catalog. Here are the Top 100 Downloaded eBooks on Project Gutenberg . If you scroll down you can also view Top Authors.

C. Amazon

1. Read Library Books with the Kindle E-reader

Hennepin County Library and St. Paul Public Library  patrons can borrow eBooks and send them to their Kindle E-reader devices. A Kindle E-reader device looks like this Amazon E-reader . An Amazon account is required for this process. Here’s a video tutorial .

2. Read Amazon eBooks on your Smart Device

Amazon eBooks can be read on an iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, or Kindle Fire Tablet. There are free Amazon eBooks but most need to be purchased.

iPhone and iPad

Here’s a link to download the iPhone and iPad Kindle App


Here’s a link to download the  Android Kindle App

Fire Tablet

The Fire Tablet is the Amazon version of a tablet and looks like this Fire Tablet. The Kindle App should be already downloaded on the Kindle Fire Tablet.

D. eBook Handouts